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 Free individual help to publish your journal article in English

The Center for Teaching and Learning English Writing Lab at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, provides faculty, and graduate students with free individual native-speaker consultations to help authors improve English journal articles for clarity, organization, logic, and style. The service can also help with any document that directly supports publication such as responding to reviewer’s comments.

Feedback is first given by email, and then authors are encouraged to meet face to face with our consultant, Adam Turner, to ask questions and get additional suggestions to revise the paper. We not only make suggestions, but explain why changes should be made so that you can become a more skillful and independent writer.

This service does not correct all grammar, but feedback on important grammar errors that interfere with clear communication is given. After receiving a writing consultation, authors can also receive proofreading services from the research department (see 3 below).

 How to apply for a free English Writing consultation


a)    First please view these checklists of common errors in research writing: (3MB)

a)    Then email

b)    Include your name, position (professor or graduate student), department and/or lab, phone number, email address, type of paper (SCI, SCI-e, SSCI, or A&HCI only), and deadline you need for feedback.

c)    Attach your paper as an MS Word file (only). Delete any large color graphic figures so your paper is less than 3MB.

d)    Finally, attach an already published sample article PDF file from the same journal you want to publish your paper in. Please include any reviewer’s comments if resubmitting to the journal, especially if related to problems with the English or the clarity of the writing.





You will receive email feedback using the commenting functions of MS Word from Adam Turner with suggestions for revision. After revising, you can

a)    send the paper again with any questions you have using comments (memo) OR

b)    meet for a face to face consultation; email or call 02-2220-1612 for an appointment AND

c)    after revising, get free grammar proofreading from the research department for SCI, SCI-e, SSCI, and A&HCI journal articles at least co-authored by a Hanyang professor. Please view this PPT file for more information

NOTE: You can receive a writing consultation without proofreading or proofreading from the research department 2220-0874 directly without receiving a consultation.