Resume or CV?

A resume is used for a regular Job such as a first job for a student who has just graduated.

A Curriculum Vitae is for a professional job (such as a Lawyer) or an Academic Job.
It is also used for post-doc positions, fellowships, grants and proposals.
It could also be used for a graduate school application

There are many differences in CV or resume style depending on the country
you are applying to

Generally speaking, the “resume” format is more commonly used in North America
(except for Professional, research or Academic jobs)
while the CV format is more common in Europe.

Resume job applications that are sent by mail usually require a cover letter.

Good websites to consult

How long should it be?
Students looking for their first job should use a one page resume format.
Those with some business experience can use two pages.
The standard CV is between two and eight pages
 but could be even longer for an experienced professional with technical skills
 or a Professor who has a lot of publications:


Here is a good example of a resume for a student looking for their first job.
Print this out.

Follow this tutorial for a resume for your first job.

There are three main types of resume formats:

I recommend a functional or combined resume.
The chronological style is becoming less common.

The Grammar of the Resume

VERBS should be active for North American job Resumes.
List of verbs for resumes (scroll down)

Resumes should also use parallel structure (Textbook page 166-167)

Curriculum Vitae

What is a CV?

Templates for CV writing

These days many resumes are designed to be distributed online.

Some are even written differently:

It is also a good idea to format your resume so it is easy to scan
or search with a computer.

Guide to online resumes

Science CV and Career Advice

Useful PDF download on science career advice including CV and grant writing.