TESOL Research


Google Scholar now allows you to search US laws.


Research portals

This is the research portal that most Korean Graduate students use http://www.riss4u.net/

Here is another useful portal site: http://isi4.newisiknowledge.com/portal.cgi

Full-text search Portal from 26 Publishers. Recognizes Hanyang as having access:


The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) http://eric.ed.gov/

I am not sure but this seems to be the best place for paper Journals in Seoul: http://hj_app.igse.ac.kr/english/library/info.html

A ten-part tutorial on graduate level research skills. Although meant primarily for the sciences, it is very useful and even faculty could benefit from the tips.http://www.webresearch.sciencedirect.com/

Students complain of the difficulty of finding Theses and Dissertations (actually they complain about paying), but a number of departments post full-text student work online. In some ways it is not fair to compare student writing to established professors in well-known Journals so examples of published and accepted Thesis and Dissertation writing from other students abroad is useful for comparison.

Dissertation examples. First 24 pages viewed for free. Good for learning introduction writing: http://wwwlib.umi.com/dissertations/browse

Thesis and dissertation self-publishing. The first 24 pages viewed as a PDF file.


University of Birmingham UK list of MA Dissertations and Essay examples. Disseration is for MA in British English.


Proquest Digital Dissertations with instructions from Hanyang library